• BBQ 64 Patio


    A smaller version of the BBQ96 Chicken Cooker Trailer with only two pits and a push-around design instead of a trailer. The BBQ64P is a great option if you’ve outgrown the BBQ42 but aren’t ready to invest in a trailer model.

    Perfect for fundraisers, catering, or a roadside bbq stand!

  • Corsicana Grill


    Get ready to be named your neighborhood grill master with the Corsicana. This compact, super-efficient grill is crafted by our team of Texas Artisans. The Corsicana wood-fired grill is Hand-Forged with a perfectly straight cooking surface. Corsicana’s heat retention system is bar none and its dual damper airflow system means that you will be spending less time fiddling with the heat gauges and more time lying back enjoying the company of your guests while the meat cooks to BBQ perfection. The Corsicana grill is a more compact, backyard friendly version of our larger grills, but do not let this small grill fool you! The Corsicana grill will give you searing hot temperatures fueled by wood or charcoal when you need it.

  • Ranger Grill 16


    The Ranger 16 is designed for the serious griller on the move. With the Ranger Grill, you can quickly convert from regular backyard usage into the ultimate tailgating or camping cook station. To transport, simply remove the grill from its included base stand and mount to the optimal automotive bracket. The automotive bracket allows you to mount your Ranger Grill to a standard receiver / Reese style hitch commonly found on trucks, SUV’s and RV’s. Show your friends and fellow sports fans you are passionate about BBQ when you roll up with your very own Ranger 16 Grill. The Ranger 16 provides 558 square inches of grilling surface.

  • The Chub Smoker


    The Chub Smoker Specs

    This model is set up for the backyard cooker.  Very heavy built model. This model is unique in the was it has a removable reverse flow plate so unit can be used as a direct heat charcoal grill.

    – Main smoker tank is 1/4″ rolled diamond tread steel

    – Measuring 30″ x 29″ with two slide out cooking racks sized at:24″ x 28″ and 24″ x 20″.

    – Insulated firebox 24″ x 20″ x 20″

    – Hot plate above firebox.

    – This is a reverse flow smoker

    – Available in diamond plate or smooth steel


    8 Boston Butts

    8 Whole Chickens

    4-6 Spare Ribs

    4 Briskets



  • BBQ 42 Backyard Rotating Rack Pit


    This Meadow Creek chicken cooker is one of our best sellers. Grill large amounts of perfect chicken without a sweat. Its flipping sandwich grate lets you turn 40 pounds of chicken with one stroke of your hand.

    The top lid gives you plenty of control over a hot fire. Leave the lid open for darker, more crispy skin on your chicken or close the lid for beautiful, golden-brown skin. Height adjustment brackets for the charcoal pan let you bring the heat closer to the grate for steaks or hundreds of hamburgers and hotdogs.

    Charcoal / wood-fired. Not available in gas/propane. Holds 40+ lbs. of chicken (1 case of legs and thighs).