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    Avery Smoker




    A custom built smoker specially designed for one of our own here at Sling ‘N’ Steel for a special cause. The Avery is designed for large cooks and is our personal choice in all of our charity events which is how we got our start. The Avery has 6 racks in the main chamber. The rib box has 3 racks. Avery also come with a 60×60 storage in the front. Double walled 1/4 steel and insulated firebox.


    Avery Smoker Specs

    ​- Reverse flow smoker

    – 60 x 72 main chamber (6 Racks 30 x 72)

    – 36 x 36 x 18 rib box (3 Racks)

    – 60 x 60 basket

    – Overall dimensions 14′ x 83″ x 72″

    – Available in diamond plate or smooth steel


    150 Boston Butts

    150 Whole Chickens

    75+ Spare Ribs

    75 Briskets



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