60″ Gas Pig Roaster

60″ Gas Pig Roaster



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Quickly and easily roast a whole pig on our PR60G gas-fired pig cooker. It can handle up to a 250 lb. pig (live weight) with its revolutionary design that eliminates charring and the need to turn your meat. Besides whole pigs, this pig cooker can handle anything you’d do low and slow in a regular smoker, including 30-35 pork butts with the second tier grate. Cook whole pigs or other large cuts of meat thoroughly using safe and clean bottled gas. Dual shut-offs and a thermo coupled pilot make this unit as safe as cooking in your kitchen.

Features of the PR60G Gas Pig Roaster

  • 13″ Tires
  • Stainless steel calibratable thermometer
  • Propane safety valve and a 1″ pipe burner
  • Cooking grate is made of rust-free food-grade T304 stainless steel rod and easy to clean.
  • Slanted drip pan drains the grease to the outside of the unit through a drip tube.
  • Grill body is made of 13-gauge welded steel and painted with black heat-resistant paint in an attractive matte finish.

Usage Recommendations

This unit is gas fired. A 30 lb. tank will do approximately 15 hours of cooking at a temperature of about 300 degrees.



Additional Information

Overall Dimensions 44”h x 72”l x 34”w
Grate Height From Ground 27”
Grate Dimensions 24” x 58”
2nd Tier Grate Dimensions 22” x 58”
Cooking Area 9.67 sq. ft. (1,392 sq. in.)
Cooking Area With 2nd Tier Grate 18.53 sq. ft. (2,668 sq. in.)
Grate Style Wire Grid With 1/2” Spacing
Metal Thickness 13 Gauge
BTU Approximately 82,000
Net Weight 400 lbs.
Shipping Weight 475 lbs.
Capacity of Whole Pigs Single Grate: 200 lbs.
Capacity of Pork Butts 2nd Tier Grate: 30-35, Single Grate: 18-20
Capacity of Racks of Ribs 2nd Tier Grate: 15-25, Single Grate: 8-12
Capacity of Whole Briskets 2nd Tier Grate: 16-18, Single Grate: 8-10
Capacity of Whole Chickens 2nd Tier Grate: 40-45, Single Grate: 21-24
Capacity of Hamburgers 2nd Tier Grate: 135-140, Single Grate: 70-75


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