BBQ60 Charcoal Grill

BBQ60 Charcoal Grill


The BBQ60 is charcoal-fired and a nice size for cranking out 70 burgers per batch as well as hot dogs, steaks, or anything else you want to cook over direct fire. These grills are built to hold up under constant use in restaurants and other crowd-serving environments—no cheap tin foil from China!

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Overall Dimensions 35”h x 67”l x 24”w
Cooking Area 8.71 sq. ft. (1,254 sq. in.)
Grate Dimensions 22” x 57”
Grate Style Wire Grid With 1/2” Spacing
Metal Thickness 13 Gauge
Net Weight 200 lbs.
Shipping Weight 250 lbs.
Capacity of Hamburgers 70
Capacity of Ribeye Steaks 28-32
Capacity of Spare Ribs 5-6

Features of the BBQ60 Charcoal Grill

  • Sturdy cart base with pneumatic tires and 8” casters
  • Rust-free food-grade T304 stainless steel grate with 2 cooking heights
  • Grill body is made of 13-gauge welded steel and painted with black heat-resistant paint in an attractive matte finish.
  • Ash pan makes it easy to clean out the ashes.

Usage Recommendations

Approximately 40-45 lbs. of charcoal for grilling on a full grate. May vary depending on your grilling time and cuts of meat.


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